Sharing Concern in Jokowi-Style

5.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Pidie Jaya, Aceh, prompting concerns the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The earthquake that occurred on December 7, 2016 that left an estimated 100 people died and hundreds were wounded, whether minor or serious. The epicenter was located not far from the region Pidie Jaya
impact also in the area of Bireuen and Pidie. Hundreds of houses and shops were damaged as well as public facilities were severely damaged.

Suffering Pidie Jaya people and the neighborhoods immediately were monitored by the President Jokowi. Soon after the disaster hit Pidie Jaya, Bireuen and Pidie, emergency response conducted by many organizations, private sectors, volunteers, and local residents took place at the disaster ground. Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) took a lead in responding the emergency response, which is the province-scale disaster.

Two days after the earthquake, December 9, 2016 to be exact, Jokowi decided to visit the wounded people and to see impacts of the earthquake in Pidie Jaya and surrounding areas. Towards the disaster site and greet the injured people is a concrete concern for the seventh Indonesia President.

Arriving at 08.15 in Sigli, Pidie Jaya, and using the presidential helicopter, Jokowi was greeted by the Chief of the National Disaster Management Authority Willem Rampangilei. Because of tight security, a view pointed at the president was done at a far distance. Small discussion seemed done by the President and the Chief of BNPB. Then, at the same time with the event, some personnel of the Presidential Security Force (paspampres) alternately move some brown boxes from an escort helicopter to a mini van.

2017_philus_buku-tulisAfter a time, the group of President moved to complete the first schedule. The President would like to greet the wounded were being treated at the General Hospital of Tengku Chik Ditiro Sigli. President’s entourage of followers is very solid, the desire to get closer to the president were dashed. The other option was focused on the position where the President would enter the car with plates ‘RI 1.’

While we waited, it seemed some of the personnel carrying brown boxes like when they removed from the helicopter to the van. This time, Paspampres quickly opened the boxes and plastic wrap in every box. Voila, there are lots of notebooks! Yes, hundreds of notebooks removed from the boxes by first opening the plastic wrap. And have no idea how many notebooks that President Jokowi brings every time he makes a visit. Perhaps, thousands notebooks are placed in the trunk of the President’s car. Organized and they tried to include as many that could be placed into the trunk. Afterwards, Brown boxes with plastic wraps were immediately thrown into the trash.

As I’ve heard before, Jokowi loves to give notebooks to children. This time, the event can be watched live even a process how the notebook could get into the car trunk of the president’s choice of the people.

After greeting the wounds, Jokowi continued to go to the following location. When Iriana’s husband heading cars, dozens of residents had been waiting for a moment to watch the president, just staring at the president, who graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at Gadjah Mada University. Jokowi with a smiley face waved to the citizens.

Seeing a lot of the crowd of children, Jokowi immediately distributed the notebooks as much as possible, as the earlier tradition. Paspampres helped distributing the notebooks to the children. Perhaps one child gets two, three, four or five notebooks. Afterwards, the group continued to the At-Taqarrub mosque.

The trip continued to the location of both the shelters in the At-Taqarrub mosque. Most of the evacuees were children. Jokowi advised to keep the spirit to learn and keep having fun. “I entrusted the children, keep the spirit of learning, the spirit of singing. Still kept being happy,” said the president who always distributes notebooks to children in locations visit. At that location, the President also handed over compensation to the heirs of the dead casualties due to the earthquake that occurred last December 7.

See the figure of Jokowi distributing notebooks reminds our childhood when buying a notebook. During that time, the choice of picking the notebook is about the cover of the notebook. Maybe a great pleasure when a child getting a notebook without having to buy and even the giver is a president.

2017_philus_buku-tulis-1Some people have learned many things about the habits of Jokowi. Notebooks can be interpreted as a message to the children to learn and achieve goals and a better future. Through the notebook, Jokowi makes a message to children, “Membacalah dan bangsa ini akan terhindar dari buta karena ketidaktahuan” or “Please read on and our nation will be spared from blindness because of ignorance.” Notebook also symbolizes an education that should be owned by every Indonesian child.

Giving notebooks that cost nothing symbolizes the personal support Jokowi to stick the children with education. Sharing does not need to give something big. Notebooks is something small but sincere. Giving small gifts to every child is a reflection that the country has a hope to the children as the future generation to grow and doing greats to the nation.

The figure of Jokowi performs great leadership by showing to give a small thing that is notebooks to Indonesia children. Thank you Mr. President!


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