Travelling Without Worries

Do you know that Indonesia is a prone country to natural disaster? We notice that three main tectonic plates around Indonesia can trigger earthquake and tsunami at any time. Meanwhile Indonesia is also crossed over ring of fire that has 127 active volcanoes. One of volcanoes that is still erupting, that is Mount Sinabung in Karo, North Sumatera, after 1.000 year as a ‘sleeping’ volcano. Besides, hydro-meteorological factors can cause as well some types of incidents that end disaster such as flood, landslide, or whirlwind.

If we talk about Indonesia disaster data in a period of 2002 – 2016, number of incidents tends to increase. Hydro-meteorological disaster is dominant among others. Moreover, climate change and other factors such as critical watershed, improper land used, and human greedy are causal factors that should be addressed. Until first week of March 2017, as many as 67 people were killed due to disaster, and more than 700 incidents have occurred and caused losses and damages. Flood has affected 26 provinces and 134 districts/cities.

In contrast to the above conditions, Indonesia is also known as a country with natural resources and centers of tourist destinations. At the northern part, we can visit Sabang Island, Mentawai Islands, Jambi, and others. At the central and eastern parts, we can visit a lot of beautiful places and find different cultures.

But do not worry with a reality that Indonesia as the prone area becomes your travelling destination. What we can do is to know better about places that we will visit. Many travelling books offer about ways to reach our destination places, such as transportation, accommodation, routes, etc. But we may not know about potential hazards in a place. It is recommended to search and find out in Internet or in any types of media about a place that we want to visit, particularly about potential hazards. For an example, we have a plan to visit Bali by a plane, and we depart from Jakarta. A possibility that may cancel our travelling is volcanic ash spewed out from Mount Bromo located in East Java. Our plan will change for uncertainty.

thumb_dsc_0247_1024It is good that we can look at some of sources issued by local authorities about potential hazards or disaster conditions in some areas that may be related to our travelling. So we are well informed about condition around and afterwards make us no worry about our travelling in Indonesia.

Here are some media, such as application or portal, that can give you some information may be need.

  • (official website of the National Disaster Management Authority/BNPB)
  • (some information about weather, climate, and earthquake)
  • (information about volcano and land movement)
  • Info BMKG (available on the App Store and Google Play)
  • (some information about flood in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung and Surabaya)
  • Pantauan Bencana (disaster monitoring, available on Google Play)

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