A Marching Song ‘Tangguh’

Semangat berjuang

Demi panggilan kemanusiaan

Gerak terpadu

 Pemerintahnya, masyarakat dan dunia usaha

Demi negara

Wujudkan cita

 M’nuju ketangguhan bangsa

Menghadapi bencana


Our spirit to fight

For the sake of humanity call

To synergize as collective responses

 Governments, communities, and private sectors

For the sake of the nation

To achieve the vision

Towards resilient nation

To face disaster

Whenever I hear the lyrics above, the energy of the March adds spirit to continue to give the best efforts in disaster management in the country. The song titled ‘Tangguh’ as a musical genre has very strong percussive rhythms as accompaniment instrument. Wikipedia defines the March as a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm

Lyrics of the marching song ‘Tangguh’  created by the former Chief of National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) Syamsul Maarif have two messages. The first message, the March song ‘Tangguh’ (resilient) invites us to be active in disaster management in Indonesia. Disaster is everyone’s business. Nevertheless, we are expected not only to participate but also to synergize with various components, such as the government, society, and private sector.

Synergies in the form of a collective response is very effective, especially in emergency response, such as when a massive evacuation just before Kelud erupted explosively few years ago. Not only that, the synergy is also important in the pre and post-disaster phases, such as for example the role of donors from individuals and private sectors to help build houses for the affected families after landslide hit some villages in Purworejo in 2016.

The second message is about a vision of resilient nation in facing disaster resilient. It should be admitted that building the resilient nation needs a long process. ‘Tangguh’ means building character actualized in thought and action. Again, this requires a synergy of the various parties to achieve that vision.

The song ‘Tangguh’ does not belong to any one institution but the parties. Hopefully this march becomes viral in the community and every individual can sing it. Let us together build the vision as the resilient nation towards disaster.

You can access the March ‘Tangguh’ at the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi0Y5haYCdo


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