A Challenge to Become A Minimalist

A few months ago, I watched a television program on a private TV station. The program was about a man who has undergone a lifestyle of minimalist. At the program, the figure of the minimalist was illustrated that he started selecting his stuffs owned. Starting with the living room that did not look much decoration, personal stuffs worn, such as clothes and shoes to kitchenware. The man who are married said that his life is lighter after undergoing a minimalist lifestyle. Examples of small things, he did not have to think hard when selecting suitable clothes to wear or buy a new suit that might follow the latest fashion styles or interested in buying new gadgets with famous brands. Minimalist process was shown on how he had a transit room, a place to put the stuffs to be considered and chosen, whether they were retained or handed over to others. It was so impressive knowing that other family members, the wife and children, appears to perform a similar lifestyle.


I became interested in the impressive program that lasted only briefly. However, the TV program on the minimalist lifestyle stays in my mind. I admit until now that it continues to ferment in the mind to undergone the minimalist lifestyle. The process is still going on to find a ’click’ towards a complete decision as a minimalist. It is very difficult when we already have a lifestyle that has endured for decades and instantly changed. A challenge of determining whether something is a need or want. For reference, the following definition of the word ‘minimalist’ and ‘minimalism.’

Minimalists like to say that they’re living more meaningfully, more deliberately, that getting rid of most material possessions in their lives allows them to focus on what’s important: friends, hobbies, travel, experiences.

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that encourages the elimination of excess in one’s life. The move to live simply, and with as little as possible is an aim for freedom from the pressures of consumerism and materialism. Once you get yourself into the minimalist mindset, you can start living like a minimalist by purging your excess belongings. On a larger scale, you can consider paring down your furniture, moving to a smaller home, or getting rid of your vehicle. The minimalist way of life does not have specific rules, and it is flexible enough to suit you regardless of your circumstances.

I think that it is very interesting to have minimalist lifestyle. On one occasion, we did not have to think long to choose a collection of clothes that we had. Or, we let go of attachment to goods or something we want to have. Entanglement may have a meaning as we cannot be separated from stuffs or feeling disappointed when our stuffs are damaged or missing. We sometimes disappointed so deep when the stuffs or goods we have damaged or even scratched due to unintentionally drop, such as when recently bought a mobile phone with an expensive price. Or that I often experience when having a new cloth and it fits very well then deformed after washing the cloth along with other clothes. We can also save income for something more valuable things, such as investment in the education for the children, on vacation with the family or home improvements because they must be repaired.

Challenges to buy goods actually not necessary always appear when walking around in the mall with your family. Whenever you see a collection of clothes is always tempting but now always remember in an aware consideration. Similarly, when glancing at electronic items on display in the store or display advertisements in various media. Indeed, a series of ads often provoke the eyes to then trigger our minds to buy. I think that the ads creative designer is great to make it as attractive advertisements.

Collection of clothes in the wardrobe is few up to dozens. It is very funny that sometimes to choose a shirt to wear at home takes time. One thing that is encouraging, I managed to pick dozens of t-shirts to get to the transit room and I am sure to be given to others soon. However, I still have homework to choose again dozens of clothes will be donated. Not only clothing, but other goods are often made dizzy with some spots the room looked like a warehouse.

One thing across in mind is that people may think about clothes that I wear often. Probably they may think and say something that I do not want to hear.

At least, an achievement until now is a process for reviewing stages or defining minimalist lifestyle according to our ability. I admit that it is required robust efforts to step further on a following stage. It seems like when the process for stop smoking. It is like a graphic up and down until we find a stage to what we dream, which is stop-smoking. So, is there any of you who undergoes the minimalist lifestyle?


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