Phenomenal Artwork through interpretation of Art and Science

Do you imagine as the weather element can create artwork after the translation process? The artwork is not just a three-dimensional piece of work but also sculptural musical scores which might be heard weird in our ears. The artworks are created as a remarkable achievement of the artist, Nathalie Miebach. Through the interpretation of art and science, Nathalie Miebach creates three-dimensional ornament with full color, every bead, every colored band presents the weather elements which are then translated into musical scores. Why the weather? She said that the weather extremely fascinating.

“Weather is an amalgam of systems that is inherently invisible to most of us,” Nathalie said as she performed in Ted in July 2011.

“So, I use sculpture and music to make it, not just visible, but also tactile and audible.”

miebach 4

Weaving bead and band are beautifully arranged based on numbers taken from historical and real data such as vertical elements assigned as a specific hour of the day, as well temperature range. The three-dimensional artwork (sculpture) are created not only as data translation related with astronomy, but also ecology and meteorology.

“What I love about this work is that it challenges our assumptions of what kind of visual vocabulary belongs in the world of art, versus science. This piece here is read very differently depending on where you place it.”

It is crossed in mind, if only Nathalie translated the phenomenon of hydro-meteorological disaster in Indonesia based on the weather data and afterwards heard musical score from the weather data.


I have never seen her three-dimensional artworks with my own eyes, but when I see all the photos of her artworks on website, I can only shake my head. Extraordinary! I read her portfolio which is amazing. Sculpture and sculpture musical scores. I think that her artwork is very difficult work, detailed with numbers based on data, and using various materials such as reed, wood, paper, string, thread. Although I have never seen firsthand, I really like her artworks. Information about Nathalie Miebach’s artworks and concepts can be accessed at the following links:

I know what she has created was a tremendous leap. Knowing Nathalie almost 20 years ago, I had imagined that she would be a great artist like now.


She is an individual who likes new things and is challenged to explore what are in her mind. She has a lot of questions in her head. I still remember when we often discussed about artwork, perspective, colors, process of making the painting up to the criticism of the achievement in a work of art. She has never to stop learning and to explore after she feels able to do so.

Nathalie visited any performance or art exhibitions to add insight to contemporary art. Viewing artworks directly and discussing with artists enriched her knowledge at art. Locations of the exhibitions which were far away from her resident did not make her lazy. She did it by biking to those exhibitions.


Her interest in art was very strong when I knew her. But during that time, I saw that she was very good at performance art. Gradually, she learned to make sketches and paintings. I still remember when she made hundreds of sketches while studying art at the Indonesia Institute of the Art in Yogyakarta. On the other hand, her paintings are very interesting. I do not know whether she does painting this time or not.

One interesting thing as I knew her, as if we were exchanging our interests. On one hand, Nathalie Miebach also has an interest in social issue. I remembered as she introduced me to see closer homeless and street children in Yogyakarta. On the other hand, I really like art, particularly interior design, and slowly the interest in art began to fade and focus more on social issues of humanity. Meanwhile, she who has educational background in the field of political science also turned to the art world until now.

She is a person who is open-minded to exchange ideas. A valuable experience from the meeting that continues to motivate me until today. She once told me “if there is a will, there will be a way.” There is no a thing that we can get instantly. We have to work hard for an achievement. She has proved for herself and exemplifies to those around her, by creating artworks, teaching art and sharing knowledge on art.


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