Safe Travelling to Bali, Check Our Position

Not long ago, the Vulcanological Survey of Indonesia (PVMBG) lowered Gunung Agung’s status from level IV (warning) to level III (watch). Level IV shows the highest status of

volcanic activity of a volcano so that all parties and communities have to be ready to face the potential hazard of eruption. In the context of preparedness, the status of volcanoes will affect the hazard zone or kawasan rawan bencana (KRB).

gunung agung 1The status of Mount Agung located in Bali Island, Indonesia, has become level III (watch) since October 29, 2017, at 16.00 PM local time. With the status of level III, PVMBG issued some recommendations on areas that should be concerned by the local community and visitors. PVMBG recommends the hazard zone for all areas within a radius of 6 km from the crater of Mount Agung; and sectoral areas at north – northeast and southeast – south – southwest for around 7,5 km. The zone is restricted to any kind of activities conducted by the locals or the visitors.

However, how do we know precisely as a visitor our position towards the hazard zone? Team of the National Disaster Management Authority uses an application of Google Maps and provides a link for the application user. With the application, we are able to identify our position whether it is safe or in the hazard zone. In order to know our position, make sure our smartphone equipped with the Google Maps application and GPS facility. Please, click following link:

2b0d5c52-ac94-4264-ab8a-a6fb47bb717aYou will see a notification of Check Your Position! while in the Google Maps application. Please go to menu, and there is setting menu in which you can find an option for Check Your Position! afterwards click an icon “i.” You will see a legend related information based on request by previously clicking the options, such as hazard zone (KRB), radius of the hazard zone, important locations, volcano observatory, and alert zone. Thus, you who like outdoor activity in mountain area can make sure your safety. The main thing to be concerned is the recommendations issued by local authorities such as PVMBG, local disaster management agency (BPBD) or warning signs installed at.

ee9bf3d1-c078-4a98-be60-14634c1630c5Meanwhile, information related with volcanic activities can be obtained by downloading an application from Google Store. You can download the application named MAGMA Indonesia created by PVMBG. You can get the information related with volcano, weather, visual, tremor, levels of activity and recommendations.

Related with history of the volcano eruption, based of PVMBG record, the mount with a height of 3.142 m erupted 4 times since 1800. The eruptions were recorded occurred in 1808, 1821, 1843, and 1963. The last eruption caused 1.148 killed. We can imagine how magnitude of the eruption which impacted widely. Moreover, with this natural phenomenon of the active volcano which increases rapidly from level I to level IV. Pyroclastic flow becomes the deadliest threat because the last eruption was recorded that the pyroclastic flow reached the beach area in Tulamben, Karangasem.

Sumber: PVMBG

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