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I was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. At this time, I and my family live in Bogor, West Java. I once worked for the homeless, street children, sex workers, refugees, internally displaced people and victims of natural disasters. I worked with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Indonesia for several years in Kupang (West Timor), Namlea (Buru), and Yogyakarta (Java); also worked with Office of the United Nations Recovery Coordinator for Aceh (UNORC) in Bireuen. I have been dealing with humanitarian affairs since 1999 as I worked with Soegijapranata Social Foundation (YSS) in Yogyakarta. I met families who were homeless and poor in an urban area. Afterwards I had an opportunity to serve, to protect and to advocate refugees from East Timor by promoting durable solutions in case of repatriation, relocation and separated children cases. During the period, I have learnt a lot about man-made disaster such as social issues, violence conflict, and refuge. Currently, I work with a focus on disaster management in Indonesia. I have interest in crisis communication, incident command system, disaster response, and media relations. I invite all of you to share experiences and thoughts about various topics. It is a good opportunity to have your comments and critics on articles that I post in this media. Sharing news, experiences and thoughts is valuable in life.


Indonesia merupakan laboratorium bencana. Kita dapat melihat setiap tahun Indonesia mengalami berbagai jenis bencana, seperti bencana hidrometeorologi dan bencana Continue reading


Waspada Status Gunung Merapi, Gunakan Cekposisi

Belajar dari pengalaman penanganan erupsi Gunung Agung di Provinsi Bali, teknologi informasi kembali digunakan untuk selalu waspada terhadap potensi erupsi Gunung Continue reading

Incident vs Disaster

We often hear words of ‘incident’ and ‘disaster’ in daily conversation or articles on mass media. Some of us perhaps have question what the difference between those two words is, moreover there is a word ‘catastrophe’ that often being heard in a context of disaster Continue reading

Insiden vs Bencana

Kita sering mendengar kata ‘insiden’ maupun ‘bencana’ dalam percakapan maupun artikel di media massa. Mungkin sebagian kita menanyakan perbedaan antara dua kata tersebut, ditambah pula ada kata ‘katastrofe’ yang sering terdengar dalam konteks Continue reading

Pertemuan dengan Para Penyintas Rohingya

Perlu segera mempersiapkan diri ketika mengetahui akan ditugaskan oleh institusi menuju Cox’s Bazar. Tak cukup waktu untuk mencari informasi mengenai Cox’s Bazar Continue reading

Keep ‘Hunt’ the Tourism Business Opportunities in the Middle of Mount Agung Eruption

No one would have expected a skinny, tan-skinned man to have a tracking hobby. The man who is usually called Mudi has a tourism business with the jargon of The True Bali Continue reading

Terus ‘Berburu’ Peluang Bisnis Wisata di Tengah Erupsi Gunung Agung

Berpostur kurus dan berkulit sawo matang, siapa sangka seorang pria ini memiliki hobi trekking. Pria yang biasa disapa Mudi ini memiliki bisnis atau usaha wisata alam dengan Continue reading