Phenomenal Artwork through interpretation of Art and Science

Do you imagine as the weather element can create artwork after the translation process? The artwork is not just a three-dimensional piece of work but also sculptural musical Continue reading


Inspiring Soldier, Desmond Doss

My journey from Jakarta to Makassar City was accompanied by a movie based on a true story entitled Hacksaw Ridge. I’ve seen this movie trailer some time ago. However, I had Continue reading

Berpikir Positif

Pagi ini saya melihat dua posting dari teman di facebook. Pesan dalam posting tersebut membuat saya mereflkesikan diri seketika. Di dalam hati, saya senang mendapatkan Continue reading

Stop Smoking

Have I have stopped smoking already? That question is still in my mind all the times. I remember stop smoking two years ago. I have been fully aware that it is difficult to Continue reading

LEWS, Harapan Warga Saat Longsor Mengancam

LEWS atau landslide early warning system merupakan sistem peringatan dini longsor yang dikembangkan oleh peneliti dari Universitas Gadjah Mada. Konsep sistem ini Continue reading

ICS – Integrated Planning Process

In every incident, local authority will undertake at initial response based on existing procedures. Afterward, the Incident Command System (ICS) can be implemented when Continue reading

EAS Rapid Disaster Response Toolkit

What is EAS (East Asia Summit) Rapid Disaster Response Toolkit? It is a comprehensive guide that is prepared for policy-makers both at the sending and receiving international Continue reading