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Sebuah mimpi yang tidak akan pernah terwujud; pertemuan kali kedua dengan Ngaseri, seorang camat di Kabupaten Kediri. Ngaseri merupakan sosok yang hangat dan rendah Continue reading


Leadership in Crisis Saves Lives


Indonesia is a prone country to natural disasters. Number of the natural disasters tends to increase every year, particularly hydro-meteorological disasters. Hydro-meteorological disasters that often occur are as tornado, flood, landslide, severe weather and drought. On the other side, Indonesia has potential as well to geological disasters, such as earthquake and volcano eruption. These are potential threat to more than 200 million population. Indonesia which has about 13.000 islands is not only surrounded by active tectonic plates but also ranks of active volcanoes in the world, part of the ring of fire. In term of volcano eruption, Indonesia National Authority for Disaster Management (BNPB) states that the natural phenomena of volcano eruption threatens around 3.8 million population (Nugroho, 2012).

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